• @Vlryfry

    Great shot of @vlryfry, one of our @knockedupfitness Instagram winners! Mom and baby workin' it!
  • Introducing Our Glamorous New Collection: Tallulah

    On any given day, feeling sexy is about as high on the list of priorities of most moms as tackling quantum physics. But we believe sexy is a state of mind. It's not always about being flashy or overt - it's a confidence in your beauty and womanhood. That's why for our new collection, Tallulah, we drew inspiration from burlesque dancers from the 1920s and '30s. Think Josephine Baker. We used delicate and luxurious peacock lace on every piece in this collection for a subtly sexy flare. We also chose a palette of sky blue and...
  • @tsmblog

    Kate from Theshoppingmama.com is looking great in our Room To Flow cami and Capris! She says :'The Line may be designed for pregnant and nursing mamas, but comfort and style are universal.' Thanks, Kate —  #GlowOnFitMom!  
  • Dottie Named a New Mom Essential in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

    A new Mom's work is never done. From sun up to sun down, she's there taking care of her little one's every need. Those first few months are grueling, but they're also incredibly precious and key for bonding. One new mom shared her daily routine with Pregnancy & Newborn, our favorite monthly read. This new mom takes us through a full day in her life and highlights one essential product she couldn't do without: our Dottie nursing bra. This Belabumbum classic is a must-have for new moms as it offers easy pull-aside nursing access and is...
  • Fleur Makes The Frosted Petticoat's Spring Baby Gift Guide

    [caption id='attachment_9229' width='500'] alt='Spring Baby Gift Guide - Illustration by Parchment & Pixel' width='500' height='333' /> Spring Baby Gift Guide - Illustration by Parchment & Pixel[/caption] Finding the perfect shower gift is daunting. But what happens when you have to find 3, 4, or 5 perfect gifts. We've recently begun baby shower season, which means you might find you've got a couple of expecting mamas to shop for. This is of course, a wonderful thing; who doesn't love babies and celebrating motherhood? But there's still the matter of shopping. No one wants to be the one...
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