Putting Care, Ethics & Dignity First

Belabumbum was born in 2001 with a social mission to provide employment opportunities to small manufacturers in Latin America and to connect their products with markets around the world.

Factory Worker in the Belabumbum Supply Chain

Belabumbum Ethically Made Products

Ethically Made

Our manufacturing partners in Peru, Colombia and Mexico are committed to workers’ health, safety.

Our direct to consumer biz means we cut out the middle man to pay the fairest prices for our locally sourced fabrics and lace.

We innovate within existing constraints, focusing on smart supply chain management, and agility, to meet our customers’ needs.

We position ourselves as a better brand, in between budget and luxury. Our direct to consumer businesses allows us to absorb any discounts that our larger wholesale clients expect, rather than passing them on to our manufacturers. Read more about our story as a social enterprise.

Committed to women's well being

Committed to Women’s Wellbeing

Our commitment to women’s well-being extends all along our supply chain – from the seamstress who bastes those first stitches, to the mamas in the trenches of motherhood.

Belabumbum was founded by women, for women. We are proud to work with many women-owned and operated suppliers since the very beginning.

Soft and comfortable, our pieces are designed to encourage mom to take a moment to care for herself and bond with baby.

Our 2022 product pipeline features innovative products to make motherhood easier.

Commitment to Women's Well Being
Factory Workers in the Belabumbum Supply Chain

Belabumbum Sustainable Practices

A More Sustainable Future

Belabumbum is proud to partner with Fashion Makes Change, an organization dedicated to women's empowerment and sustainability along global supply chains.

In 2019 Belabumbum became part of the Adore Me group and the brand continues to honor its roots as a social enterprise. Buoyed by the increased attention to ethical fashion, we look forward to continuing to innovate with more eco-friendly products in our pipeline — while we keep delivering for moms and families around the world.

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