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Irina Bond on Postpartum Wellness & Self-care

Irina Bond on Postpartum Wellness & Self-care

It's easy to think of the delivery room as a finish line when pregnant—9 turbulent months worth of change, anticipation, and preparation can definitely do that. But there's, of course, an entire lifetime worth of new challenges and triumphs to be had once your little one comes into the world. The transition into motherhood during those first few months can be tough for all women, though that's a part of the experience that's traditionally left out. It's a beautiful thing to see postpartum self-care and mental wellness become more widely discussed...
Expecting mommy blogger Home Sweet Ruby packs her neutral minimalist hospital bag essentials for pregnant nursing moms

Home Sweet Ruby's Minimalist Hospital Bag

For Cait of Home Sweet Ruby, baby number 2 called for a minimalist hospital bag—this meant both a streamlined list of essentials and a neutral, monochrome palette. Expecting mommy blogger Home Sweet Ruby shares her minimalist neutral hospital bag essentials for nursing pregnant moms.The generous mama-to-be included Belabumbum goodies in her delivery room must-haves! I love this Belabumbum layered tank, it's so comfortable! It also had better coverage while nursing so every hospital staff member didn't get a show when they walked in the room. 'Expecting mommy blogger Home Sweet Ruby packs her neutral minimalist...
Everything You Need to Survive Postpartum

Everything You Need to Survive Postpartum

Postpartum is HARD. Any first-time mom will likely agree they weren’t educated enough on this beautiful, exhausting and sometimes painful part of early motherhood. Luckily the conversation is changing and more and more moms are shedding light on what it means to be living in postpartum. There are so many variables to take into account,  the physical healing of your body which just gave birth, your soaring hormones, learning to care for a newborn, figuring out breastfeeding, learning to work together with your partner in a new way. It’s a...
5 Tips For Summer Pregnancies

5 Tips For Summer Pregnancies

Being pregnant in the summer comes with its own set of pros and cons -- and today we are sharing some tips for making it through the hottest months of the year with a baby on board: Go out early. Avoid the prime heat of the day and do your errands and outdoor activities in the morning before it gets too hot. Stay cool. This may be a given but it’s especially important to remember when you are out and about -- consider getting a small portable fan for outings...
Baby Bliss with Bethany Ciotola

Baby Bliss with Bethany Ciotola

They say blue is for boys…so who better to help us launch our new Hana sleepwear collection than the beautiful @bethanyciotola – mom to 3 boys with the most piercing blue eyes you ever did see. We were thrilled to have her as part of our Mother’s Day Campaign. Here’s a sweet glimpse of Bethany and baby in our new Hana sleepwear collection.   Bethany modeled for us when she was pregnant with her second child, and has since become an instagram hit with a down to earth take on motherhood and a wonderfully...
Belabumbum has the best gifts for Mother's Day

Moms We Love

Belabumbum & Adore Me are on a mission to promote inner confidence for ALL women as they transition along their motherhood journey — from the early days of pregnancy, to those precious newborn snuggles to mamas getting their groove back! As part of our Moms We Love Mother’s Day campaign, we gifted some of our favorite moms with Adore Me swimwear and lingerie, Belabumbum sleepwear, and of course, our MAMA robe. We asked them what would 'make' their Mother's Day and here's what they had to say: alt='Influencer Bethany Ciotola and...
3 Simple Tips for Having<BR>Your Best Mother's Day

3 Simple Tips for Having
Your Best Mother's Day

Full disclosure: we love holidays—especially Mother’s Day. But given that we’re a maternity focused brand you probably figured as much. But let us tell you why we’re so into holidays. With so much strife and turmoil in this world, it’s nice to set aside a couple of days a year to focus on the simple, universal things that make life enjoyable—like family and friends. And of course motherhood! But we also live in the real world and understand the daily trials and tribulations of being a mother. More often than not,...
arm's reach co-sleeper

Helping Moms & Babies Get More Sleep

In 1997 Arm’s Reach started a movement. Aiming to give parents a safe place for their infants to sleep and the benefits of co-sleeping, they created the only patented co-sleeping product on the market that attaches securely to a parent’s bed. We used Arm's Reach co-sleepers with our children and have always appreciated their commitment to safety and quality. With this in mind, we asked Arm's Reach to share why this form of co-sleeping is not only the safest option, but also the option that allows both moms and babies...
Finding time + staying calm during the chaos of early motherhood, an interview with Kelly Newsome Georges.

Finding Time & Staying Calm with Ritual Care

If you’re a mom with young children the word CALM may not be the first thing you think of to describe your daily life…..but Kelly Newsome Georges of Ritual Care proves it is possible by teaching self-care skills to cope with motherhood. Kelly’s online platform, Ritual Care offers programs and courses that help women around the globe find that balance we all crave. We're thrilled to bring you her tips for finding time and staying calm during the chaos of early motherhood. What are your top 3 tips for juggling...
Belabumbum joins forces with Adore Me in time for International Women's Day.

Adore Me + Belabumbum = #Balanceforbetter

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we’re proud to announce that Belabumbum has joined forces with Adore Me – the disruptive lingerie e-commerce company well known for its inclusive size range and mission to promote inner confidence for all women. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter and Adore Me’s acquisition of Belabumbum will result in a better balance for our customers through the synergy created by this union. It will enable Adore Me to support the many phases of a woman’s life by including expecting and...

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