Packing your hospital bag can be a weirdly emotional experience... both because of the anticipation of meeting your new baby and the stress of making sure you have everything you need at the hospital or birth center. After more than a decade in the maternity space, we’ve come to realize that no two moms or hospital bags are the same. There are, however, certain universally awesome products all moms can use before and after delivery. The most important part of packing your bag...taking a moment to breathe. You've got this, Mama!

We recommend that you have your hospital bag packed by 35 weeks because you never know when baby will make an early appearance.

Belabumbum’s Hospital Bag Must-Haves:

  • Insurance card and ID
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Hair ties or headband — you'll want to keep your tresses pulled back and  out of your face
  • A towel and pillow — while the hospital provides you with both, you won't regret having your own cozy ones from home.
  • Snacks — there's nothing worse than being hangry while in labor. You and your partner will definitely want some treats to keep you energized. We suggest healthy snacks like trail mix or granola, along with electrolyte beverages like Gatorade or coconut water.
  • Lotions, creams, and lip balm — hospitals can be very dry!
  • 2-3 pairs of warm socks — hospitals can also be very cold!
  • Music — make a bunch of Spotify playlists (or burn some mixed CDs if that's your thing) for the different moods you might find yourself in.
  • Nursing bra (or two) — the last thing you are going to want to put on after giving birth is your underwire, push up bra
  • Some cozy PJ's and a robe — of course, the hospital provides you with the gown, but when you are walking the halls or welcoming visitors after giving birth you are going to want something a bit prettier.
  • Sleep bra — to wear under the hospital gown. If you wear a hospital gown you will probably feel exposed. A soft sleep bra is also great support for swelling breasts.
  • Lanolin creme — for breastfeeding. We love Lansinoh.
  • Sanitary napkins — the hospital will give you some but you may want your own favorite brand.
  • Comfy clothes — our loungewear is great for heading home in. You feel totally put together, while feeling as cozy as if you were still in your PJs.
  • An adorable outfit for baby.
  • Swaddling blankets — we love these from Aiden and Anais.
  • Carseat — hospitals won't let you go home without one. Make sure it's installed properly beforehand.
  • Belabumbum's Hospital Bag Essentials

Inspiration to Help You Get Started

We've rounded up some of our favorite hospital bag posts from moms-to-be over the years to help you get started on packing your hospital bag.

The quintessential hospital bag includes Belabumbum maternity and nursing bras and pajamas.

Megan Quint Gressel of the Quintessentials Blog put together an amazingly thorough list, smartly broken into the following five categories:

  1. labor
  2. recovery
  3. husband’s responsibilities
  4. baby
  5. going home

    We love Mrs. Seacannon's streamlined list, which includes a birthing ball — a definite game changer for some women.

    Love Joo Kim Opens Her Hospital Bag

    Love Joo Kim has a pretty minimalist approach to packing which we find refreshing.

    pack your hospital bag video

    Watch Nicole Green pack her hospital bag

    > Watch on YouTube.

    Where Your Heart is Now Hospital Bag

    Nicole, the blogger behind Where Your Heart is Now, packed our Lounge Chic PJ + Robe Set in her hospital bag. Check out her packing list here.

    For more Hospital Bag inspiration, check out these other amazing lists:


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