creating a baby registry


Creating a baby registry is an exciting rite of passage for expecting parents. It's a great way to get ready for baby's arrival and to flex your nesting skills. As you start building your baby registry with your partner, don't forget to add yourself, the mom-to-be, to the list.  

Why are we telling you this? When we asked our customers, "did you create a baby registry?" 73% said YES. Of the mamas who said yes, only 24% said they included something for themselves (ie. a nursing bra, robe or pajamas) on their registry. We think this sets a bad precedent. Your needs are important and self-care most certainly is not selfish.

When you include items you will need as a postpartum mom,

  • You honor the incredible role you’ve played in bringing your baby into the world.
  • You recognize that your needs are directly related to taking care of your baby. For nursing moms who will spend 5-ish hours per day breastfeeding, quality nursing bras and nursing-friendly loungewear are a necessity, not a luxury.
  • You begin to create a habit of self-carewhether that’s remembering to schedule a dentist appointment, eat lunch or take a shower, which is an important part of caring for your family.

Your baby registry (and your life after baby for that matter) cannot be just about baby. You need to take care of your postpartum body and nurture your physical and emotional health during the early days with a newborn. We promise you, being the best mother you can be requires taking care of yourself too. So when you’re thinking about creating your perfect baby registry – here are three things you should consider putting on the list for yourself:

Comfort! You want to be comfortable when your body is healing from childbirth. You won’t be wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes right away so it’s nice to have stretchy, giving pants and nursing tops that can be layered with cardigans. Consider avoiding tight waistbands and bras with wire during the early days.

Sleep. We all dream about sleep when caring for a newborn. While there may be many long nights awake with your baby in your future, you should make your bed as cozy as possible now. Register for new bedding or a new cozy blanket and nursing nighties and nursing pajamas that make middle-of-the-night feeding easier.

A Break: There are going to be days when getting dressed is more than you can manage and that's absolutely fine. Our sleep sets and versatile robes like our popular MAMA Robe and eco-friendly Kimono Robe make it easy to feel put together without getting dressed when family and friends come to visit.

If you are reading this and thinking, "my friends and family will only want to buy gifts for my newborn", we have you covered there too! Our adorable coordinating Mom & Baby Pajamas  get all the oohs and ahhs at baby showers and are perfect for gift giving.  And for the gift givers who lean toward more practical gifts, our adorable MAMA Robe is a sweet and thoughtful gift that a new mom is sure to love for years to come. A gift card is always a good idea too 

So while you're determining all of the gear and supplies you'll need for baby, keep in mind that a well-rounded baby registry should have functional and fabulous gifts for you too. Putting all of these items on one baby gift registry is easy now too with these popular universal registries:

Once your universal baby registry is set up, here are a few products we highly recommend adding to your registry:
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