Launched 16 years ago, Belabumbum's ethically-sourced maternity & nursing lounge, sleep, activewear and intimates combine the support and comfort moms need with the pretty details they want. We’re confident your community will be happy with their purchases!

Here’s how it works:

    How to Join
    • Submit an application after reviewing the Affiliate Terms of Service (click to review) of the program outlined below.
    • If your application is approved, we will verify your contact information, provide you an Affiliate agreement to sign and submit with a IRS W9 form for tax reporting purposes.
    • We will send you an approval and link to login and set up your profile in Belabumbum’s Affiliatly service.
    Program Overview
    • You will be provided with a unique promo code for a 15% discount and you will receive 10% commission on the net sales referred from you on
    • We offer Free Shipping in the continental USA for all orders $50 and up.
    Your Belabumbum Affiliate Dashboard
    • We’ll provide you a secure login to your own Belabumbum Affiliate Dashboard where you can monitor your affiliate sales, as well as pending and paid commissions.
    • Your Affiliate Dashboard shows your customized link (URL) for you to share on your website, in blog posts, emails, and social media shares that will give you sales credit for any referred purchases at
    • The customized link is encoded with your own unique Belabumbum Affiliate Code, which when clicked sets up a browser cookie on any device and tracks the sales of that person on
    • Your Affiliate Dashboard also has a link generator so you can easily generate links to any specific products, specific collections, articles, or to Belabumbum’s main boutique page.
    • Additionally, your Affiliate Dashboard has a page full of elegant banners with the HTML code you can copy and paste into sidebars and other areas on your website. This allows you to easily promote your links from your website to 
    Qualifying Commissions
    • When someone clicks on your custom links and makes a purchase at our site, you will earn 10% commission on the net sale. The net sales amount includes the merchandise total after any promotional discounts are applied, and is net of any return or exchange within 30 days of a purchase.
    • The commission is calculated on the whole transaction, not just on individual product(s) you referred.
    • You will continue to receive sales credit for purchases from each individual for a year. Please note, If someone only receives your custom discount code and never uses one of your links, we can only give you sales credit whenever they use your discount code. As such, we strongly encourage you always use the custom links to our website.
    • Belabumbum will send you a monthly commission check whenever your total commissions reach $50 or more.
    Everybody Wins!
    • We frequently have special sales. As an added bonus we will email sneak-peeks to our sales that you can share with your followers. This way you can share early notifications of our sales. This gives you the benefit of being able to share special savings with your community, and you will always get your 10% commission on their purchases.
    • The success of the affiliate partnership is based on the use of your unique links. Linking to product from pages with evergreen content such as “Packing Your Hospital Bag,” “Breastfeeding Essentials,” “Nursing Must-Haves,”  have been proven to increase refers and ultimately, sales commission.
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