Irina Bond on Postpartum Wellness & Self-care


It's easy to think of the delivery room as a finish line when pregnant—9 turbulent months worth of change, anticipation, and preparation can definitely do that. But there's, of course, an entire lifetime worth of new challenges and triumphs to be had once your little one comes into the world. The transition into motherhood during those first few months can be tough for all women, though that's a part of the experience that's traditionally left out. It's a beautiful thing to see postpartum self-care and mental wellness become more widely discussed in recent years.

We've still got a long way to go as a culture in terms of expanding and normalizing the conversation around these topics, but every woman who shares her story is another step forward. Lifestyle blogger and mama of two, Irina Bond of recently shared her journey beyond pregnancy in a candid post in which she shares her tips for staying positive and getting back to center. She shows off a variety of our pieces since, to quote her, 'pajamas are life!' Irina wears our Layered Cami and Relaxed Lounge pant.

What we wear in the comfort of our home is just as important as what we put on when we walk outside the front door. After all, our home is our nest and where we seek our comfort and rest.

'Being comfy and somewhat put-together at home has always been super important to me, and Belabumbum has been a go-to brand during both my pregnancies as well as months (years, actually) into nursing my babies.Their loungewear pieces take you from pregnancy and beyond! And it doesn’t hurt that matching, clean clothes make it a lot easier to answer the door when UPS, Fedex, or USPS rings (cuz you know we be ordering everything off Amazon when we’re stuck at home. Or when guests come over to see the new baby.?'

'When you first become a mom, you experience one of the biggest life changes quite possibly ever, and there’s a good chance that society and your friends and family won’t be able to prepare you for how different life will be with your new little bundle of joy.  Yes, you’ll love your son or daughter more than life itself, but it’ll be a big adjustment to your personal life and general feeling of freedom as a person.  In those first few weeks, I almost felt like I mourned the loss of my freedom for the next many years… It’s all worth it, but not much will prepare you for the huge responsibility of taking care of another person’s life other than actually doing it yourself.'

Some of the simple daily things that have helped me feel positive during this season in my life are the following:

  • Shower every day,
  • Put on clean loungewear
  • Get some fresh air, even if for 20 minutes,
  • Try to keep your environment clean and positive, and
  • Be grateful for and respectful of what your body has done for your family.

'If you’ve showered and put on clean clothes, especially in those first few weeks of becoming a new mom, you feel like you can take on the day with a fresh perspective.  Take those few minutes to rinse the day off and start over.  Your maternal mental health will thank you later.  Even on my toughest days when my stitches from my firstborn’s C-section were tugging at my skin or when I didn’t know how to take care of two kids’ needs by myself all day long, the above 5 things helped me stay sane.  Your new rhythm will eventually sort itself out.'

Read the rest of Irina's post here, and check out more pictures of her in our pieces below. Irina makes some time for herself up in our Mama robe.

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