4th Trimester Resources


Have you heard of 'the 4th trimester’? It’s the concept that the final phase of pregnancy begins after your baby is born and lasts the first few months of their life. It’s the postpartum period of healing, growing and developing. It’s hard, no doubt maybe the hardest part of pregnancy all together! Here are a few great articles and resources to help you navigate the 4th trimester.

 The First Forty Days: This is a wonderful book full of support and recipes created specifically to nourish the healing mama after birth. Read this during your 3rd trimester! The 4th Trimester: This book offers a comprehensive guide to healing during the postpartum period - covering your mind, body and emotions. This great article on the 4th trimester from Motherly that talks about the physical, emotional and mental challenges mom's face during those first forty days.

You will feel selfish when the baby is crying but all you want to do is stay in bed....The things we hold so dear—our own time, our own bodies, our desires—will be sacrificed for the sake of another. It is such a worthy sacrifice. But it’s not easy.

This survival guide for the 4th trimester that was published in The New York Times is a wonderful resource for any new mom. Heading back to work after baby is born? Welcome to the 5th trimester! The 5th trimester is a movement and community started by Lauren Smith Brody to help moms re-enter the workforce after giving birth. Brody also recently wrote a book by the same title.

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