5 Ways Moms Can Take Care of Themselves During Quarantine


We’re thrilled to bring you some quarantine tips from our friend Kelly Newsome Georges, a mom to a girl and a boy, doula and a postpartum wellness teacher. We website Ritual Care is an online space for moms to learn about early motherhood through online courses, private coaching which she delivers from her charming home in the  in French countryside.

Tips for pregnant women and moms to survive the COVID-19 quarantine.

1. Find a pattern interrupter that releases the pressure.

Pattern interrupters are physical and mental ways to nudge yourself out of a negative mental spiral or emotion, before it takes you down. To use your body, try going up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks, hold a challenging yoga pose — all for 90 seconds or more — to help your mind focus on the physical challenge, while exhaling the emotional challenge. Make a mental shift by creating a repeatable reminder phrases called mantras, for more peace and perspective. Some of my faves are “We’ll always have everything we ever need.” “You are safe, all is well.” and “This isn’t forever.

2. Design your sanctuary space.

Most moms don’t have their own rooms to themselves — kids get into everything! — and in these close-living situations, we all need physical space. Find a corner of your home that’s just for you and your sacred things. Set up a tiny sanctuary space in your closet, bathroom, even your car! Spend a little time there each day.

Tips for moms to survive the COVID-19 quarantine.

3.  Create a safe, independent space for your child — so you can walk away from it.

Especially during quarantine’s close quarters, everyone is all up in your face. Get some space by helping your child get settled in a safe space, and walking away for a few minutes while you get centered. Double bonus for modeling this by calmly explaining to your child that you’re feeling sad/angry/stressed, and you’re taking care of yourself by having a few quiet moments alone.

4. Breathe.

This one might seem cliche, but you hear about it all the time for good reason. Deep breathing is scientifically proven, again and again and again to help us feel calmer. It activates the calming branch of our [parasympathetic] nervous system, physiologically helping us get balanced.

5. Practice surrendering to discomfort. 

This is the least popular, but it’s where the GOLD lies. When we practice being still and sitting with hard emotions as they flow through us, we get better at facing any challenge in motherhood — whether in quarantine or not. If you meditate, this is the perfect chance to practice this. And if it just feels to weird, try sitting on a yoga mat — this simple association with yoga, where we breathe through challenging poses, can help us sit with other things that are hard.

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