Baby Rabies Fairytale: Acknowledging our Blessings

A year ago we sent Jill Krause — who blogs at Baby Rabies — this Ariel nursing gown and baby sleep sack. She ended up wearing it when Dallas-based photographer Jessica Marchetti came over to take some photos. Jessica's work is impressive; she has an amazing sense of light, color, and composition. Most of all, though, we were touched by the post where Jill shares the photos and her reflections: I Found Some Kind of Fairytale. She counts her blessings: a loving husband, healthy children, a safe home — and a talented friend to help her document all of it. These little peeks into Jill's world are so beautiful and uplifting. It's important, for us as well as for our children, to stop and document. And sharing publicly allows others to reflect on what they have — and what we aspire to create. Read more on Jill's Baby Rabies blog.

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