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Expecting for the first time is an adventure of epic proportions no number of baby books can prepare you for. While each woman's journey is unique, we can empathize with all of the ups and downs of a first pregnancy. That's why our goal as a company is to celebrate women's evolving and enduring beauty at every stage. We recently read a lovely review of our collection from first time momma-to-be Emily, of Baby Elan Daily. We were so touched by her words and wanted to share them with you:
'Let’s face it, when you’re pregnant, especially late in term, all you can think about is comfort...While I would love to wear my ratty sweatpants and stained long-sleeve shirt, because they fit and I can move in them, I would like to at least look like...I am not completely frazzled! Enter Belabumbum. Belabumbum offers gorgeous maternity lingerie, robes, and pajamas that are comfortable and give you the look like you have it all together.'
We believe wholeheartedly that style mustn't be sacrificed for comfort's sake. We're so thrilled Emily has found the perfect balance of the two with Belabumbum. She had these glowing things to say about our Queen of Hearts of Collection (pictures below):
'It is 100% cotton, so it’s light and breathable, which really helps when I go from freezing cold to volcanic hot. It is so comfortable and stretchy to accommodate my growing belly. It is also designed with breastfeeding in mind, as it will be easy to wear and feed Seamus at the same time. Think HOLIDAYS! Mom-to-be wants the gift of comfort! Outside from the Sleepwear, Belabumbum offers an array of gifts to give that beautiful lady in your life!'
We're so glad we could bring some comfort to Emily during this special time and hopefully we can do the same for you as well! -XO _MG_7478 _MG_7519

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