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Filligre ChemiseLook What Mom (and Dad!) Found features ramblings, reviews, and cool finds for families. Melinda recently blogged about Belabumbum and — of course! — she loved it.
Belabumbum particularly stands out in maternity lingerie with fun and flirty designs. Finally, maternity lingerie that looks lovely! Belabumbum believes that women grow more beautiful during pregnancy, and we also believe that pregnancy can be so much fun. Belabumbum’s maternity line encourages women to feel pampered, sexy, womanly, and just plain cool during what is truly one of the most important times of a woman’s life — during and after pregnancy.
Melinda has one of these — our Filigree Chemise. She picked up on the exact reason I love mine: it makes you feel beautiful while staying put.
The best way to describe the Filigree Chemise I’ve been wearing is HEAVEN. The material is silky soft and moves like fluid, the lace design is sweet and the amethyst color is modern. It is super sexy without being risqué so I can wear it around the house and not worry about flashing my six year old son. I’m used to always adjusting and tugging to get the right coverage but I am pleasantly surprised that this nightie fits wonderfully.

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