Belabumbum post-baby... SIMPLE

Since 2007, SIMPLE has been creating a 'go-to' site for moms and women around the world. They review mom products, are all moms, and use all the products personally. Emily Elling recently had her fourth (!) child and is in full wake/sleep/eat mode. So she was looking for some loungewear:
During the third trimester of pregnancy, I knew I needed to stock up on a few key lounge pieces that would carry me though the remainder of my pregnancy, and the transition nicely into nursing a newborn...After extensively searching and shopping (like honestly, so much searching and shopping, it was getting a bit obsessive), I discovered and fell in love with a company called Belabumbum. What drew me in instantly is the quality and sophistication of all of their pieces. So many of their styles are beautiful and still modest. Comfortable, without being frumpy.
Yay! We're so pleased. This is what we try to create, so it's nice when you tell us that we got it right. Here's a photo of Emily with her new little on. So cute!

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