Black Breast Feeding Week: A Mother's Perspective

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week
Every breastfeeding mother has a right to proper education and support in her journey- but not every mother receives it and that’s a cycle that need to change. In honor of Black Breastfeeding Week, we asked our friend, model, entrepreneur, and nearly year-and-a-half-long breastfeeding mother Alexis Kristiana about the importance of Black Breastfeeding Week. We are happy to share her answers below.
Why is Black Breastfeeding Week important?
It helps to switch the narrative from being very whitewashed to seeing that black breastfeeding mothers are just as willing and determined to nourish their own from their bodies- they just don’t have the same spotlight and positive imagery centered around that journey all the time. The black mother breastfeeding has been over-sexualized and during this month it humanizes it again as it should always be. This week works to fix that and so much more.
What is one piece of advice for a new breastfeeding mama?
One thing I definitely would say is to document your journey. I love knowing that I’ll be able to look back at these moments and truly be able to cherish the hard work my body did and feel empowered by looking at them.


What is the hardest part of breastfeeding for you?
The fight to keep going. There are countless times during your journey where you just feel like it’s too much, it’ll be easier to just stop. We all have been there one or more times for sure. But somehow you just keep going for your baby, it’s a defeating job at times but the most rewarding.

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