WEANING UPDATE: At present, Zora recognizes that milk (or 'bup' - as she calls it) is to be requested and is no longer guaranteed. Because she understands the phrase 'all done' - that's typically my go to response. Sometimes, I just laugh off her request and ask her to show me her milk instead .. which results in her looking inside her onesie, at her chest. Overall, Chris usually puts her down at night, so she mostly gets milk in the morning when first waking up. Hence, I either cut her off by 9am or when she requests water - whichever comes first. Not to get it twisted, there have been days when I've wanted her cuddles or a group nap, so I've given in (& got a strong finger wagging from her father ?). We've decided that having her reach age 2 with limited nursing is an option, but I'm hopeful about having her completely weaned in time for our honeymoon next month. I met a woman who weaned her 18month old son in 3 days, and she has me feeling encouraged. Zora's definitely upped the fuss on occasion, but as long as I shake the lazies and help find a distraction - we're in the clear. With that in mind, it's more about my personal will power these days than anything. Since we're closing in on 19 months, I've found her ability to communicate and understand really helpful during this process. I'm definitely going to miss it once it's all said and done, but I'll happily be sporting lingerie and push up bras (because duh!) that don't have a nursing clasp (the one in this picture is from @belabumbum). In the meantime, I'm plotting on a few more breastfeeding photos for nostalgia's sake. #MotherhoodUnplugged

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Thanks so much to Brandi for sharing this gorgeous image of our Tallulah Nursing Chemise and Robe, as well as beautiful story about weaning her little one.

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