Breastfeed Heer

Since public places designated for breastfeeding are rare, poorly designed, uncomfortable, and practically reinforce the isolation of mothers, the Prague-based design studio 52hours has created a gorgeous breastfeeding bench for use in public spaces, to offer comfort and privacy for breastfeeding moms. The bench, called Heer, is designed to offer mothers and babies a 'small oasis of peace' in public spaces where they can come to rest, feed their child or simply isolate themselves from the hectic urban surroundings. [caption id='attachment_15393' width='550'] Breastfeeding in public in style with the new Heer bench.[/caption]

The name for the bench, heer, appeared as an answer to the question moms often ask in public places, 'Where can I breastfeed?' 'Heer' means 'here'. In other words, moms can stay here, they don't need to go out of their way to find an adequate place to feed their baby. 'Heer' also comes from the word 'her' as in 'her space.' 

If mom has company, they can sit next to her— which is especially important for siblings. Submit a request to bring this great innovation to your city here!

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