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Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging parts of early motherhood. Not all women are able to nurse, or choose not to. But for those women who choose to breastfeed, it's definitely a journey. Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way for mamas to bond with their little ones. Knowing you're nourishing your baby from your body is such a special feeling. At Belabumbum, we're fully dedicated to supporting you along your journey through motherhood. Whether it's your first or second lap around the baby block - even your third and up - it's never too late to learn something new to make your experience easier.

We've pulled together some of our favorite breastfeeding resources and products: Must-Reads

  • Feminin Botanik: We love this awesome blog dedicated to nurturing nursing moms. Whether you have questions on your first feed, leaking, nursing positions or latching, they've got you covered. They also provide some truly inspiring words of wisdom from other mamas in the same boat that are always up lifting.
  • Other great online resources we love include Lactation Link -an insightful source that provides online breastfeeding classes, Kelly Mom, andThe Leaky Boob.
  •  The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding: This classic bestselling guide for nursing and expectant mothers providesa wide range of breastfeeding advice.
  • Work. Pump. Repeat: This super relatable book offers working mamas practical, honest, and funny info about maneuvering through the difficulties of breastfeeding while working.
Must-Haves for Mamas
  • Nursing Tanks and Bras: All of our nursing tanks and bras are designed for extreme comfort. You'll adore the lovely lace detail on our Lotus Nursing Bra. Our Bamboo Sleep Bra, with easy pull-aside nursing, is another fabulous essential. Lastly, there's no better look for lounging, with your hubby or your baby, than ourHeather Nursing Cami and Pant Set.
  • Breast Pads: These Lansinoh Soothing Gel Pads are far and away our favorites. They're reusable and perfect for nighttime usage, as well as soothing your tender skin and stopping leakage.
  • Nipple Cream: The perfect way to both soothe and protect chapped nipples! Try Lansinoh Lanolin or Zoe Organics Nipple Balm.
  • Nursing Pillow: Nursing pillows can help you hard working mamas position yourselves to breastfeed in comfort. Try either Boppy or My Breast Friend.
  • Lactation Snacks and Teas: Boost your lactation production while eating yummy snacks or drinking tea.
No matter how difficult and frustrating breastfeeding can get, remember to always take a moment for yourself!

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