Celebrating Two Years of #BackToMyBelabumbum


As every mama knows, time flies by way too quickly. Life can often feel like a perpetual game of catch up, as we try to take in all the major changes taking place each day. But there's so much beauty to be found in the constant newness and growth that fills our lives. So much joy in capturing a moment and holding on to it always.

Two years ago we started the #BackToMyBelabumbum campaign as a way to encourage moms to make time for themselves beyond pregnancy. What we embarked on was the most amazing journey with so many fantastic women across the country who let us into their lives. From lifestyle gurus to every day mamas, so many of you have shared your stories of loving, bonding, struggling, and finding peace.  We can't thank you enough for your generosity with these precious pieces of your lives.

We wholeheartedly believe it takes more than the cliched village to raise a child - it takes a tribe of women to support each other through a lifetime of ups and downs. We're so glad we've been able to create a network of women all across the world to support and inspire each other.

So here's to two amazing years of memory making with you mamas. We can't wait for all of the amazing posts to come in the next year and beyond! In celebration of this big milestone, please find below just a few of the amazing images of mamas in their Belabumbum we've been lucky enough to receive.

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