DailyCandy Raves About Violette - A Top Gift For Moms-to-Be

DC_social_logos_google Finding the perfect gift for a pregnant woman can feel next to impossible - especially for all the dads-to-be out there struggling to be supportive and understanding. Fret no more men of the world! The fabulous fashion experts of DailyCandy have compiled a list of amazing products she's sure to love and thoughtful phrases she'll never get tired of hearing. We're so thrilled to have our Violette Collection featured among so many great brands, including Hatch Collection, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Belli Skincare, Well Rounded NY and Buru, all guaranteed to make her pregnancy peachier. alt='The Violette collection from Belabumbum is a must have for pregnant and nursing moms.' width='440' height='381' /> DailyCandy recommends you tell her:
'I’ll Never Ask How You’re Sleeping.' Because she’s not, thankyouverymuch (and won’t for a very long time).
Thankfully, however, our lovely new line will bring her the comfort she's craving.
Belabumbum’s ladylike, new Violette pajama collection keeps her comfy while she’s eagerly decorating the nursery at 4 a.m.

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