Get Ready to #GlowOnFitMom

Get Read to Glow On Fit Mom with Belabumbum Active for pregnant and nursing moms.</u> We're so thrilled to have just announced our new Activewear collection, the perfect line of fitness gear to help you meet your fitness goals! We believe look good/feel good applies to working out too. We know how hard it can be sometimes to take that first step out the door to your morning workout or to make it to the gym after work. Having something super cute to wear that feels comfy and supportive can give you the little push you need. That's why we've started our #GlowOnFitMom movement! We are cheering you on your journey to your best possible self. We invite you to share a photo of a moment from your workout, something that inspires you to be active, or anything that says #GlowOnFitMom to you. Doing a little yoga to unwind? Did you just get a great pair of running shoes? Maybe you just made the most amazing green juice. Show us what inspires you and tag it with the hashtag #GlowOnFitMom. One of the most exciting parts of our campaign is our collaboration with pre-natal exercise experts. We are happy to have our friend Sara Haley sharing some great advice. This mama of two with over 15 years experience in the world of health and fitness was named one of Shape’s Hottest Female Trainers in America. She also brings a wealth of knowledge as an expert pre and postnatal exercise specialist. You might know her from her best-selling prenatal workout program, Expecting More® or her exercise series Sweat UNLIMITED. Sara will be sharing her fitness expertise with us on our Buzz page and a series of stretches perfect for any mom or mom-to-be. Stay tuned for more from Sara and find those stretches below. #GlowOnFitMom! -Inner Thigh & Side Bod Stretch -Glute Stretch -Hip Opener & Calf Stretch -Foot Stretch -Chest Opener -Back & Hamstring Stretch

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