Happy Mom, Happy Baby...

ST1916_00 Motherhood is all about sacrifice—from your pre-baby body to the luxury of a full night’s sleep.  It’s natural to put your little one’s needs before your own, but the key to life is of course balance. When you feel your best, it’s possible to be your best self—the ultimate multitasking, diaper changing, play-date planning, late night feeding, super-heroic mom. Our advice to you is simple: don’t forget to treat yourself. As the old adage goes, 'Ain't nobody happy unless mama's happy...' To make it as easy as possible for you, or that special partner in your life, to follow that nugget of wisdom, we created our Mom and Baby Sets. They are the perfect guilt-free option for indulging yourself and your cherished cherub. We’ve been to too many a baby shower where the piles of gifts for the little bundle of joy threatened to touch the ceiling, while Mom got nothing but a a mountain of wrapping paper bound for the recycling bin. Don't get us wrong though; any new mother can tell you that you can never have enough blankets or booties. It's still nice, however, when people remember who has to do nine months of heavy lifting. We can’t think of better treat than being able to share some of your favorite, ultra comfy, Belabubum styles with your little one. And trust us, you’ll want to enjoy the opportunity to wear matching outfits while you can. Many of our pieces, like the super soft, Welcome to Motherhood sets, make for the perfect items to place on a wish-list. Extend a little of that overflowing love and warmth you feel for your angelic arrival to yourself and make memories to last a lifetime in our Mom & Baby sets.

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