Holiday Gifts for Expecting Mamas

0 Comments / you familiar with Pregnant Chicken ? If not, you need to check it out!  A great resource for expecting and new moms, Amy Morrison and her team of contributors combine the information you need with a sense of humor to help you through the less-than-wonderful aspects of pregnancy and raising babies. We're super excited to be included in Pregnant Chicken's Holiday Gift guide for Pregnant Women. You'll want to check out the list Amy and her team have recommended for expecting mamas. Here are a few of our favorites: >6182m4y70ml-_sx402_bo1204203200_ >The Big Fat Activity Guide for Pregnant People - 'Funny as hell,' says Amy Morrison, and seriously who doesn't need a good laugh? Tieks Ruby Ballet Flats Tieks - these ballet flats have a cult-like following. It may be Oprah's magic touch or may simply be that walking in these is like walking on air. 71mwkfjik8l-_sx522_ Burt's Bees- we love this extra rich belly butter. We can't promise that it will prevent stretch marks, but it will help with the dryness and itchiness of expanding bellies. Starlit Mom & Baby Set Mom & Baby PJ Sets. We completely agree with the Pregnant Chicken team: there's no need for unflattering granny pajamas! Whether you prefer nighties or pajamas, we have you covered!  

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