Holiday Sparkle: Our Must-Have Items of the Moment

The holidays are all about celebration, merriment making and the creation of cherished memories. They're also the perfect opportunity to up the wow factor of your wardrobe by a few decibels. At this time of year your social calendar is sure to be bursting at the seams with office parties, boozy soirees and NYE extravaganzas. Why not treat each event as a chance to truly dazzle? Right now we're obsessed with everything that sparkles, glimmers and shines. This trend is the absolute definition of glamor. What could be more festive? We can already hear some of you out there groaning at the thought of parading around like a disco ball and writing this off as a look for the young starlets, not real women. But look no further than our lovingly curated list of the season's must-have twinkling and shimmering goods, inspired by the celestial theme of our Starlit Collection, to see the light. We've found a wide range of fantastic items that you can easily weave into your closet and home. Whether you're looking for just a touch of glitz or a full-on glittery showstopper, we've got you covered. Collage Silver V4 500 Below you can find the details on each of our featured products, displayed clockwise in the image above. 1. Anndra Neen Diagonal Melted Clutch via Shop Harper's Bazar 2. Isabelle Marant Pants for H&M 2. Adriana Embellished Sweater by Club Monaco 4. Marah Flat by Coach via Coach 5. Starlit Collection by Belabumbum 6. Glitter Buri Reindeer Ornament by Crate & Barrel 7. Festive Glow Holiday Non-Photo Cards via 8. Grande Crystal Drops Statement Necklace by J Crew

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