Belabumbum Sleep Bra One of the Best

0 Comments / readers and editors have highlighted the Belabumbum Sleep Bra as one of the Best Maternty Bras this year. We agree: this super-soft, eco-friendly bamboo bra is the perfect basic for expecting or new moms. Getting noticed by makes us particularly happy. Not just because they're influential and feature more than 200 mom bloggers (yay! cool jobs for moms!), but also because they were co-founded by Rufus Griscom, the smart, literary cutie who brought us Nerve in the late 90s. Nerve was like The New Yorker... but sexy. And important because it filled a gap, providing intelligent, respectful, and nuanced content about relationships and sensuality. So is like Nerve-all-grown-up — happily married and focused on the kids.  

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