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Inside Brenda Bird's C-Section Hospital Bag

Brenda Bird's hospital bag essentials for moms having a C-section.
While every pregnancy is unique, having a C-section adds another level of complexity. One important difference to note is that a C-section means a longer hospital stay, generally 3-5 days. This makes packing your hospital bag even more essential. Of course there's no such thing as the perfect overnight bag, but there are some items you'll definitely be glad to have. Luckily, blogger and designer Brenda Bird opened up her hospital bag and shared the lessons she's learned with us. Among the great products she packed were some Belabumbum essentials. Belabumbum-Brenda-Bird-Hospital-Bag-Essentials-for-C-Section-Moms_3 Tallulah Robe
I was always cold after my hot flashes in the hospital and liked to warm up with a robe. Bring an extra in case you get spit up on (you will) or puke on yourself (the Percocet didn’t agree with my body unfortunately). I know the hospital gives you those gowns but mine always fell off the shoulder and were so thin you could see through it. A pretty robe won’t make the pain go away but mentally it may make you feel up to getting up and about- you know to show it off- and this one from PinkBlush Maternity is so soft, warm and pretty I will wear it on a regular basis.
Before & After Ruffle Dress
You’ll want to get out of the hospital gown at some point- maybe that evening or maybe the day after. I felt more comfortable changing out of the gown into something softer, comfier and more presentable. You know you’ll be getting visitors and flashing one of them really isn’t something I want to do to them. This nightgown is perfect because it is so soft, comfortable, loose and nursing friendly. For those that wear garments (sacred underwear for the LDS religion), this has sleeves!! Sleeves! Sleeves! Plus you could wear it to go home in.
Dottie Sleep Bra
A sleeping bra is a must once your milk comes in. Or even before when you’re still tender. I personally hate underwire bras and this bra is great for sleeping and during the day. It is loose enough to pull down to nurse- or used as a human pacifier-but sturdy enough to keep everything snugly in place so you aren’t in more discomfort. Plus, come on, cute polka dot bra but make sure to go up a size.
Brenda's bag featured products from other great brands including: Babymoov, Chicco and Covered Goods

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