Inspiring conversation at Project Beltway

Rachel Cothran knows DC's got style. She runs Project Beltway — a fashion blog that reveals the city's unique and diverse culture. Think style anthropology, quirks and characters, and photos from the latest events and parties thrown in for good measure. Or proof that we have it going on :) Spring Nightie on Project Beltway, April 2009 In April 2009, Rachel did a week of givaways to inspire conversation and showcase businesses that are doing something different. We wanted to play and sent Rachel this lovely spring nightie to get the Project Beltway community buzzing:
I’d like to hear whatever’s on your mind today, be it any of the topics below or something else. Rant, rave. You’ll be the winner of today’s prize, a perfectly pretty spring nightgown from locally-based, nationally-known lingerie line Belabumbum (so fun to say). I love this women-powered company for its affordable, feminine pieces and for their development work in Brazil — they work with socially conscious manufacturers there l to ensure optimal working conditions and job security to over one hundred low-income Brazilian families.
EmilyHaHa carried the day and won the prize. We were also rooting for Closet Coach: 'I apologize for not having anything particularly savvy to say at the moment, but Belabumbum is a brilliant name for a lingerie line.' Yay! Read the whole conversation.

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