Mayarya Packs Belabumbum For Last Minute Summer Holiday

Its a big wide world we live in and it's our lifelong goal to see as much of it as possible. We've got what they call wanderlust. But the idea of traveling can be far more appealing than the reality, primarily for one reason: packing. How do you whittle down your entire wardrobe/life and fit it all into a suitcase? What's the international weight limit of a carry-on bag? Are wedges ever not the perfect shoe for all climates and terrain? Fortunately Mayarya, one of our favorite, ultra chic, international retailers, has put together a list of items you'll want to pack on a last minute summer vacation. Can you spot our Starlit Chemise? last-minute-holiday On this list are fantastic products from brands including: Keungzai, Maternal America , Love Milk, John Masters , Predic, Fragile and Madderson London! Happy travels Belas!

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