Meet Rosdaly Ramirez, Mama & Mental Health Advocate

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We met Rosdaly Ramirez, aka @transparentcitymama, while she was pregnant with her second little boy and were thrilled when she agreed to join us as the postpartum model for our recent editorial photo shoot in Brooklyn with her sweet baby. We are 100 percent committed to supporting women as they make one of the biggest transitions of their lives and have enjoyed watching Rosdaly honestly share her story and the wisdom she's gaining as she works towards completing her master's degree in social work. 

We talked to Rosdaly about maternal mental health in general as well as her experience of being a postpartum mom, raising 2 little boys and pursing a masters in the midst of a pandemic. We are pleased to share our conversation with you:

Why did you go back to school to get a master's in social work?

I originally went back to get my masters after being inspired by my high school social worker. She is a big part of why I even decided to work at a high school with inner city kids like myself. After becoming a mom, my passion for motherhood and mental health started to collide with social work. I’m very passionate about the well being of mothers and I hope this degree would give me the opportunity to advocate and care for them during postpartum.

How did you make that work in the midst of a pandemic with a newborn and pre-schooling learning online?
My husband--he is my number one supporter. When the pandemic hit I was anxious and wondered if I should just stop the program. But he assured me that I could finish. I’ve had two kids while being in my Grad program, we juggle between the boys! During classes I handle the baby and he takes care of our oldest and helps out around our home.

How can women foster their relationship with their partners?
Hmmm, this has been the hardest thing to foster as a mom. The truth is that this journey often excludes partners. Either you’re too tired or life passes by as you both try to navigate parenthood. So I’ll say this, your partner should always be the first relationship you care for--it does take two. Set a consistent night schedule for the kids and make time for each other. Talk about how you both have grown in the process, fears or ways you both have felt uncared for. Date your partner always and have plenty of intimate moments. Not just sex... sometimes it’s holding hands even though the stroller is in the way.

Is your husband helping you meet your goal of getting your masters with a newborn?
Yes, he’s taken a lot of the home duties during the time I’ve been in school and also has cared for our first born. All the nights I’ve cried about loads of papers and breastfeeding, he’s been there cheering me on with water or silly videos.

What can mothers do to support their mental health?
I think every mom should have a postpartum plan. That plan should include a support system, mom friends and time alone to breathe. The reality is that we need people asking us the hard questions and we have to be honest about our thoughts. Mothers have scary thoughts, they often develop anxiety, OCD, depression, and it’s more common than we tend to talk about. With my first born I struggled a lot mentally. I was anxious and fearful of being alone with him. During my second pregnancy I made sure I continued therapy and took care of my body and mind with eating healthy meals, squeezing in a shower and taking my vitamins. I also continued working on passion projects like my blog and sharing my experience so other moms could remember they aren’t alone. Never be afraid to say you need help!

Meet Rosdaly live on Wednesday, May 19 at 9pm EST

We're looking forward to chatting with Rosdaly about all things pregnancy, postpartum, and supporting moms. Join us live on Instagram Wednesday, May 19th at 9 pm ET.

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  • by Estelis Roy on

    I can relate to you in many ways specially being a mom of 2 during grad school and all the hardships that follow. Thank you for helping other mommies.

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