Megan Quint of the Quintessentials Shares Her Hospital Must-Haves

A peek into a woman's hospital bag can tell you a great deal about her: what she values most, what brings her comfort and how prepared she is for the most extreme situations - i.e. a snorkel in case of emergency water birth. The gorgeous Megan Quint Gressel of the The Quintessentials might not be ready for a deep dive into the ocean, but she's got one of the most thorough list of must-haves we've ever seen. This fantastic list has got her ready for labor, recovery and going home. In the beautiful image above you'll find Megan in our new Hana robe. 'The pretty PJs I have for visitors/photos are all from Belabumbum,' she says. 'After the hard work is done and you've brought an amazing new life into the world, there will be photos. Thankfully, in Belabbumbum, you can rest assured you'll look your very best!'  

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