I have to be honest about my heart and the way I've struggled to find strength these past few days. I need to say that I've found it in women; my tribe, my friends. I found it in my husband as he reminded me, 'I know who you are.' I've found it in myself when I finally stood up to my dr and asked why I needed to be induced on my due date with pitocin when there was no medical emergency; no need. I told myself it would work out better because I was far from the hospital and my breathing was terrible. But inside I remember the sweet moments of waking up with a contraction and thinking, 'this is it.' So, I questioned her. I canceled my Thursday induction and I was told, 'I'm leaving for vacation and it would be unfair to leave you with an on call dr.' I'm not even overdue, have never gone past 5 days of my due date and everything is getting ready in my body. She said she don't let me go past this weekend. Besides all this (because it's not my main point) I'm asking that everyone stand with me, believe with me, pray, send me all the good vibes that I would go into labor before then or at the very least I would be listened to and my resolve would be affirmed. I'm thinking of International Women's Day and the most important thing we can do is stand with all the women we know and all the women we don't. I want to do the same for others! So, please don't hesitate to leave a comment about how i can stand with you-believe for all the good things. We are all in this together.

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Thank you so much to Danielle Aceino of husband and wife duo Young Love Media for sharing her story about listening to her intuition. So much love to the mama, wearing our Ondine Pant, and her new baby!

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