Nursing Bras 101: The Styles Every Mom Needs


We're happy to offer breastfeeding mamas a wide range of pretty and practical nursing bras designed to meet their needs all day and night... because we all know raising tiny humans is a 24/7 job.

When you’re ready to buy nursing bras, you’ll need to determine your size by measuring your band size and cup size and then calculating your cup size based on those two measurements. Belabumbum’s nursing bras are designed to adapt to frequently changing breast size with accommodating cups, extra back settings, and fully adjustable straps, and to provide the comfort, support, and ease of use you need.

Once you know your size, you need to decide what nursing bras you'll want to wear day and night. Below are our recommendations to help you get started.


Experts recommend two nursing bras for daily wear (one on hand when the other is in the wash).

Haylie Nursing T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bra

Our Haylie Nursing Bra is the perfect choice for mamas who prefer a smooth bra cup that doesn't show lines under a t-shirt. The Haylie is wire-free with built-in support to keep you in place, silky soft marled microfiber to keep you comfy, and convenient drop-down cups for instant skin-to-skin contact.

Pretty Lace Bra

The perfect choice when you want to feel pretty and feminine, our Tallulah Lace Bra is a unique nursing bralette that's ideal for everyday wear while being cute enough to peek out under clothing. The high center front reveals a pretty scallop-edged lace frame for comfortable coverage and the one-handed clips drop the cup against your body at the ideal position for easy breastfeeding.

Tallulah Lace Nursing Bra
Sporty Mesh Nursing Sports Bra

Nursing Sports Bra

Active mamas will also need a maternity and nursing sports bra that offers easy access to breastfeeding during or after your workout. Nursing sports bras are not only convenient, they do not flatten your breasts by pressing the tissue, which can create a plugged/blocked milk duct.


Luxe Sleep Bra

When your breasts are swollen, sensitive, and prone to leaking, having a bra that’s comfy to sleep in and keeps nursing pads in place is key. Our maternity and nursing sleep bras are ultra-soft with no wires or metal clasps to poke you while you sleep and have soft elastic bands to make it easy to slide your breast out for night feedings and in the early days postpartum while you and your newborn get comfortable with nursing.

Luxe Sleep Bra 

Shop our complete line of maternity and nursing bras here and save with our special bundled pricing: Buy 2 and Save 20% or Buy 3 or more and Save 30%.

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