On not getting dressed.

babyrabies Many people say they don't remember the first few weeks after baby. Whether it's your first or your fourth child, the first few hours after baby blur into hours, into days, into months.  What stands out are those special moments.  A snuggle in the moonlight, or being rewarded with that first smile after endless sleepless nights where you weren't really sure why you got into this in the first place. Jill from BabyRabies.com  just shared some gorgeous photos of her and her newborn little boy in her post Living In Our Pjs.  We love how much they are enjoying their first days together — in their jammies. We make our mom & baby sets with those first few hours and days in mind .  Jill and her baby bee glow in our Queen Bee pajama set,and we are reminded about what is so special about that time after baby - that we can truly enjoy that sublime time where we don't HAVE to get dressed yet, and we can just BE in those first few blurry moments. baby_bee

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