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Postpartum Challenges

HORMONES.  Your hormones may still feel pretty wild. It's natural to feel emotional about EVERYTHING. Hang in there as you are still working to get used to your new routine and having close to no time for yourself.

NURSING. You may be engorged, having trouble latching, feel like your a 24 hour feeding machine. Seek the help of a lactation specialist, and ask to your girlfriends for tips. Soon baby will sleep 3-4 hour stretch most nights. Hang in there mama!

BODY CHANGES. The fact that you still have a baby bump and so soft all over can be depressing.You may be anxious to start to exercise and feel like your old self— but make sure to go easy on yourself during those first weeks with baby. 

SLEEP You'll be getting up with the baby during the night (obviously!). Try to squeeze in a nap during the day when you can. Of course this is hard to do this because there are a million things you'lI want to accomplish when baby naps. 

CABIN FEVER Not having any freedom besides a quick trip to the grovery store or a few short errands can be hard for many mamas. 

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