Pregnancy sex uncensored, with the help of Copacabana lace ;)

The do's, the don't, and everything in between. This month's issue of Parents gives you the low-down on sex during and after pregnancy. Problem is most maternity undies are total mood killers. (Uhhh... just how do they think we got pregnant in the first place?!) But don't fret — Belabumbum's sexy Copacabana lace comes to the rescue. 'It's about time!' scream the writers at Parents, 'Maternity undies are now sexy.' Featured here in aqua, you can get them in a rainbow of colors at our online boutique. One color for every mood ;) Parents cover, May 2006Parents detail, May 2006 Click on the right-hand image to see it bigger. (How adorable is that baby on the cover? Just want to pick her up and kiss her!)

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