Preparing for Baby During Your 3rd Trimester


Starting to feel overwhelmed by the arrival of your little one? Take a deep breath, mama, we’ve got you covered! Read on for tips and resources to help get you ready to welcome baby.

Here are some things you may want to think about adding to your list:

  • Take a birth and infant care course. Get your partner to come, too!
  • Take a breastfeeding course, find the number and name of a local lactation consultant and find out if your insurance covers them.
  • Get ready for the early stages labor at home. Download a labor playlist and contraction timer on your phone, make an essential oil blend to diffuse or apply topically.
  • Schedule a day to either have your house cleaned or enlist help and do it yourself (we suggest about a week before your due date).
  • Prepare different areas of your home for cozy nursing — with baskets full of blankets, books, a nursing pillow, comfy PJs, burp cloths, nipple balm.
  • Wash and fold all your newborn and 0-3 month old baby clothes (use a clean & free detergent or one specially designed for babies).
  • Prep your Birth Bag. Make sure to include comfy pjs, nursing bras and nursing pads for yourself.
  • Read up on well being and recuperation after baby. Learning what you need for your own well being and recuperation after baby is so important. We love The First Forty Days  -- a wonderful book full of support and recipes created specifically to nourish the healing mama after birth. 
  • Order your breast pump and download a breastfeeding apps on your phone.
  • Make freezer meals and lactation cookie dough (freeze this too)!
  • Fill up your diaper bag so it’s ready to go for your first doctor’s visit a few days after birth!
  • Schedule a final date night with your partner before your due date.

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