Project Nursery's Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Baby No. 3

Every pregnancy is unique, whether you're having baby no. two or 12. One thing that does get easier each time, however, is packing for the hospital. Take it from the maternity experts at Project Nursery. The site's editor Beth recently opened up the hospital bag she's prepped for her third time around the maternity ward. 'You get super efficient and practical out of necessity,' she says about packing. 'Some of the things you used to worry about feel silly, and you have a new sense of what’s really important.' We're beyond thrilled to be featured on this streamlined list alongside some very cool brands including Storksak, Lansinoh, and Nuna Pipa. Check out the review our nursing essentials below: 'I didn’t pack nursing-friendly pajamas for my first two births, and I’m not going to make this mistake again. It’s just so much easier to get access as you need it, especially if you are having trouble getting a good latch at first. Plus, with all the folks coming in and out of your room, you may feel more comfortable with a little extra coverage than the standard issue hospital gown. Treat yourself to something soft and lovely like these options from Belabumbum to make sleep a little easier in that hospital bed.' Happy packing!  

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