Q&A With Vegan Goddess & Top Model Teresa Lourenco

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On our last shoot in NYC we were fortunate enough to have the gorgeous Teresa Lourenco model our latest looks. Teresa is a top model with an amazing resume including numerous Vogue covers, campaigns for major designers like Dior and Tom Ford and a stint as John Galliano's muse.
We had the best day on set with this super-model-mama who is beautiful both inside and out. At the time of our shoot Teresa was seven months pregnant with her second child and positively glowing. Over the course of the day we learned more about Teresa's  views on motherhood and her vegan lifestyle. We sat down between photos for a quick Q&A with Teresa about these topics and more.
What's the best part of being pregnant?
 Feeling life grow inside of you.
What's your leas favorite part?
I don't have a least favorite part. I love being pregnant. Maybe the peeing all the time. In the middle of the night - getting up to pee all the time.
How do you get back to your Belabumbum? By that we mean taking time for yourself.
I exercise a lot and I do yoga twice a week. I eat, pretty much, very healthy.
What's your nesting process? I talk to the baby. I read to the baby. My daughter, she enjoys her time with the belly as well. She talks to the belly as well. And that's my special time, I guess, to see them bond even though he's not here yet.
How did you and your husband for the arrival of a new sibling? It depends on the what the age difference is. When the kids are younger it's a little harder to explain to them that there's a new child on the way. But my daughter is already four. She's very very excited. She's over the moon that she's having a baby brother. She's very loving towards the belly and I didn't really have to prepare her. I just told her mommy's having a baby. She just accepted it. She's very loving towards the belly and talks to him and prays for him and kisses the belly all day long.
What's been your weirdest craving? I don't really crave anything. I just eat really healthy. Mainly raw vegan foods. The first trimester I ate heavier, more vegan junk foods. But not raw foods. But once I passed the first trimester i was just back on my raw vegan diet.
How long have you been raw for? Has it presented any challenges during your pregnancy? I've been raw for 12 years. So for me it's just a natural thing. But if someone just became pregnant and decided 'OK, I'm going to go on a raw food diet,' I wouldn't advise it just because the body's not used to it yet. But for me it works. [The baby] is growing, he's healthy, he's big. I don't have any side effects. It worked with my first child.
Any final advice for expectant moms? Get all the sleep you can before the baby comes! Take a look behind the scenes of our shoot with Teresa below! Belabumbum Spring/Summer '15 Behind The Scenes from Belabumbum on Vimeo.

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