She {hearts} Our Mom & Baby Sets

As part of their Baby Boom Virtual Baby Shower, Sheena Tatum, co-owner She Hearts It   swooned over our mom & baby gift sets.
If you’re in a bind and want to grab something quick, yet unique, may I suggest the Mom & Baby sets from Belabumbum? I was gifted a Starlit set and I just had to share. The set is absolutely adorable! I seriously lit up when I opened it :-D. After delivery I know I’ll want to put on fresh, comfy pjs and instead of my usual yoga pants and tee, I’m going to want to put on something that makes me feel delicate and pretty. Belabumbum’s got me covered. To top it off, new baby and I will get to snuggle up in matching outfits after hours of our hard work. What a precious photo opp that’ll be.
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