Belabumbum highlights the importance of sleep for new moms.Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and it's something most moms don't get nearly enough of. We understand the constant pressure to be superwoman - to take on all the pressures of the world, to be everywhere at once, and to be everything to everyone. There's little room to squeeze in a solid eight hours between all of that.
Nearly Half Of Americans Get Less Than Recommended Amount Of Sleep
Studies show that 50% of adults are sleep deprived. Breathe easy at the fact that you're not the only one running on fumes and iced coffee most days. In actuality, half the people you know are in the same boat. There are plenty of moms like you trying to juggle too much with too few hours in the day. In a great article from the Harvard Business Journal analyzing this statistic, experts say that the effects of being sleep deprived are both serious and far-reaching. 'Missing sleep worsens your mood, weakens your memory, and harms your decision-making all day long. It scatters your focus, prevents you from thinking flexibly, and makes you more susceptible to anxiety.' Though it's been said quite often, it's incredibly true that when it comes to caring for your loved ones you have to put your own physical health and mental well-being first. The truth is that you're not at your best without sleep. We all know that feeling: the fogginess, the lethargy, the irritability. How can you devote your full attention to anything when you're battling all of these awful symptoms? How can you be the partner and the mother you long to be when you're struggling to keep it together? You simply can't. But it's a new year and it's a fresh start. Together, let's vow to make sleep a major priority in 2017. If there's one resolution you keep over the next 12 months and beyond, let it be this one. Let's make a simple choice to sleep more and sleep better. One way of ensuring this is to get ultra cozy in your Belabumbum PJs. Make bedtime something to look forward to and feel your best even when you're preparing to hit the hay. We spend all day dreaming about getting back into our Belabumbum and we hope you will too in 2017!
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This January, we're encouraging moms to get their beauty rest with our annual #SleepistheNewBlack campaign. We hope you’ll join us in this effort to remind women to to snuggle up and get their zzzz’s.

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