• Breastfeeding Words of Wisdom

    When it comes to breastfeeding, knowledge and encouragement is everything.  In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness month, we asked seasoned moms to share their best advice for nursing moms and moms-to-be. Our Breastfeeding Words of Wisdom series features matriarchs in the breastfeeding community, lactation consultants, moms we've had the honor of collaborating with via social media, as well as some of our retailer partners. Jessica Martin-Weber, @theleakyboobChrissy Powers, @chrissyjpowersJennifer Grayson, @jennifergrayson1Kristy & Eliza, Founders @oatmamaAlexis Kristiana, @alexiskristiana Follow us on instagram and facebook  throughout the month of August for more Breastfeeding Words of Wisdom.
  • Jessica Shyba of Momma's Gone City Finds Balance in Belabumbum

    'Motherhood is as motherhood does, it gives and it receives, blossoms and grows, overflows and then recedes.' These beautiful true words from our dear friend Jessica Shyba of Momma's Gone City are truly words to live by. We're so glad to have been a part of her journey over the past year - from pregnancy to motherhood for the fourth time. Jessica is inspirational in every sense of the word. Somehow with 4 kids, 2 pets, a loving husband, and a successful career as a writer and author, she still finds time for herself. But as...
  • Q&A With Vegan Goddess & Top Model Teresa Lourenco

    On our last shoot in NYC we were fortunate enough to have the gorgeous Teresa Lourenco model our latest looks. Teresa is a top model with an amazing resume including numerous Vogue covers, campaigns for major designers like Dior and Tom Ford and a stint as John Galliano's muse. We had the best day on set with this super-model-mama who is beautiful both inside and out. At the time of our shoot Teresa was seven months pregnant with her second child and positively glowing. Over the course of the day we learned more about Teresa's  views...
  • Sleep Is The New Black

    Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and it's something most moms don't get nearly enough of. We understand the constant pressure to be superwoman - to take on all the pressures of the world, to be everywhere at once and to be everything to everyone. There's little room to squeeze in a solid eight hours between all of that. A new study shows that 50% of adults are sleep deprived. We'll repeat that again, 50! Breathe easy at the fact that you're not the only one running off fumes and frappuccinos most days -...
  • Momma's Gone City Nests Comfortably in Belabumbum

    With our #BackToMyBelabumbum campaign we've been connecting with moms across the nation and spreading our message of creating balance and harmony in everyday life. We've loved all of the amazing responses we've gotten over the past few months! Today, we'd like to share one that's very near and dear to our hearts. Jessica Shyba of Momma's Gone City is one of our favorite bloggers and women! We're big fans and we're glad to say the feeling is mutual. Jess recently shared some lovely images of herself spending quality time with her munchkins in her favorite Belabumbum loungewear....
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