The Bainbridge Boheme Makes Herself a Priority

Life with a new baby brings lots of adventures, beautiful moments, and challenges. While every postpartum journey is different, there is so much wisdom to be gathered from the experiences of other women. Heidi Stephens of Bainbridge Boheme recently shared the lessons she learned welcoming baby number 2 while showing off our Eva Maternity & Nursing Robe. In the refreshingly honest post, she opens up about the mistakes she made the first time, the importance of accepting help from your tribe, and her new-found focus on making time for herself.
So, grab your robe, get cozy, and make yourselves a priority.
@heidi.stephens wears a belabumbum nursing maternity eva robe 'Moms making themselves a priority isn’t always simple. It requires lots of helping hands to pick up the slack so mama can shower, or meet with a lactation consultant, or simply rest. I encourage you all to find those helping hands.' @heidi.stephens wears a belabumbum nursing maternity eva robe @heidi.stephens wears a belabumbum nursing maternity eva robe Make yourself a priority and grab your luxe and lacy Eva Robe, perfect for before and after baby.  

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