The Breast Life on Why You NEED a Nursing Sports Bra

We're about 200% behind the athleisure movement because we love being comfy. It's our greatest dream to spend our entire lives in yoga pants. But more than just stylishness and a level of freedom second only to wearing no clothes, activewear provides functionality you might not have realized you needed. Whether or not you make it to the gym during your breastfeeding months, a nursing sports bra is a true must have. The amazing experts at The Breast Life break it down below.
'Nursing sports bras provide tired, busy mothers with less formal but functional support. The non-cup design makes them an excellent choice for breasts adjusting their size and to a changing milk supply. They’re available in bright fun colors and patterns or moisture-wicking fabrics. This last feature comes in handy when nursing pads aren’t available, or you want more coverage to factor in milk spills and stains.'
We're so thrilled to have our Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra and Sporty Mesh Nursing Bra on their list of best bras on the market. 1097130412579768-1

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