The Fab Mom Shows Us How to Have a Sexy Pregnancy

We understand that with all the changes your body goes through when you're expecting it can be hard to feel sexy. But sexiness is a state of mind. It's every mama-to-be's choice to embrace her curves and celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. Fortunately parenting expert Jill Simonian of The Fab Mom has put together a great guide on How To Have A Sexy Pregnancy. Is it any surprise that rocking Belabumbum lingerie is one of her tips? She wrote up our Tallulah Lace Nursing Bra & Boyshort, seen below, along with an excerpt from the article. TallulahGuavaBraPanty-1
'Time to get your maternity lingerie on. Yes, it’s one of the perks of being pregnant these days...Use that cleavage, woman. Yes, it’s ok. Just because you’re touting a watermelon in front of you doesn’t mean you should ignore your amazing pregnancy cantaloupes (get my drift? this coming from a chick who used to wear the lowest-cut, deep-V blouses during pregnancy simply because it was the only time in my life when I actually had cleavage. full disclosure there. ha). Nothing wrong with pushing ’em up and out for the fun of it. Knowing that you’ve got racy-lacy (but also supportive!) underwear under there will make you smile… and yes, that’s sexy.' Stay sexy Belas!

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