The FAB Mom's Guide to Bouncing Back After Baby

Many women struggle with losing themselves after having a baby and it's easy to understand why. The demands of a motherhood can be overwhelming. It's why we've made it our mission at Belabumbum to remind mamas to take care of themselves. We understand that self-care comes in many forms (healthy eating, exercise, daily showers) — so trust us when we tell you our friend Jill Simonian's new book, The FAB Mom's Guide, is NOT about getting back into your favorite jeans. 'Bouncing back has everything to do with finding yourself again, and very little to do with getting your body back,' Jill explains. We're happy to celebrate that! Early in her book, Jill explains that 'the art and skill of bouncing back is based on resilience.' What better tool is there when facing the major life changes that come with welcoming a new baby to the world? The great news is that science has shown anyone can become mentally and emotionally resilient. Certain activities that induce blood flow and natural biochemical production can help train your brain to respond to pressure in a manageable way. Jill breaks the down activities into the following categories:
  • Tackle your fears
  • Organize your day
  • Find fun friends
  • Work your body
  • Stay in the moment
Throughout her book she shares frank tips and unique advice she and other veteran moms have used to make those five habits possible as a new mom. While some of it is tried and true, there are also a lot of original pieces of advice in this insightful read. We're pretty sure no one but Jill is advising new moms to tackle their fears by 'walking around in only your underwear at home for the first month.' She pulled her 'pretty panty' trick after the births of both of her daughters and swears it worked wonders for her postpartum body confidence. Like most things in motherhood, the definition of bouncing back is profoundly personal and will look different for different women. We applaud Jill for shining a light on this topic and every mama out there committed to getting her bounce back after baby...however she defines it! (P.S. the 'FAB' in FAB Mom stands for 'Focused After Baby.') Hear her tips and learn more about why she recommends spending 30 days in your undies in her segment on The Doctors.

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