The MAMA Robe: Belabumbum x The Mama Notes

the perfect gift for Mother’s Day We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Caitlin Kruse of The Mama Notes. We love Caitlin's refreshingly honest take on motherhood. The stylish mama of two is relatable in everything she does, whether she's decorating a nursery, putting together breastfeeding friendly looks, or kicking back after a long day with a healthy glass of rose. We've co-designed the perfect gift just in time for Mother's Day! The MAMA robe is super sweet in soft grey heather jersey with blush embroidery and piping. The robe made its debut at the Mama Mornings event at Brief Assembly in DC during their weekend of self-care, wellness and special treats for moms. We chatted with Caitlin about Mother's Day, the rare holiday designated for mamas. Caitlin shares how she celebrates, while also giving some universal tips for all moms.

What's your ideal Mother's Day look like?

Caitlin Kruse and Belabumbum bring you a chic robe for mama - the perfect gift for Mother My ideal Mother’s Day includes equal parts time with my girls AND the ultimate luxury... time to myself. Donuts or Trader Joe’s overnight croissants, black coffee and Pinterest while I snuggle with the girls and let them watch Daniel Tiger in our bed (wearing the MAMA robe of course). Then brunch with my family, which is always a tradition. My sister and I cook and we eat outside on my parents' deck. Then a long nap time in which I get a manicure or massage and end with Sunday night pasta dinner cooked by my husband and a good bottle of wine. In reality, this year I’ll actually be out of town in Charleston on a bachelorette party trip which I’m really excited about since I’ll get to sleep in for 3 days in a row.

What should every mom gift herself on Mother's Day?

Every mom should make an appointment to pamper themselves for Mother’s Day. Get your nails done, a facial, a massage…. do the things you always say you want to do but never have time to. I haven’t had a pedicure in a year and I’ve been wanting a facial for months.

What's your favorite Mother's Day memory?

We had brunch with my mom and family like we do every year. It’s one of my favorite traditions - my sister and I work on the menu then we take a long walk by the water after. It’s just a relaxing, easy day - the best.

How can mamas carry on the spirit of Mother's Day all year round?

By taking time for self-care. It’s kind of an over-used buzz word now, but taking care of yourself is so, so important. It’s the only way you’ll be the best mother you can be. Whether that means taking 5 minutes to meditate, making time for a weekly bath, reading before bed or carving out time to see your girlfriends - it’s essential to make time for things that fill you up (other than your kids).
Caitlin Kruse and Belabumbum bring you a sweet robe for mama - the perfect gift for MotherCaitlin Kruse and Belabumbum bring you a chic robe for mama - the perfect gift for Mother
The MAMA robe is made of super soft cotton with MAMA embroidered on the lapel to make it a perfect gift. Designed to wear during pregnancy and after baby our elegant midi length robe is a new mama must-have!

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