The Modern Tulip Gets Healthy in Belabumbum Active

We believe wholeheartedly that health isn't about reaching a number on the scale, but about a lifestyle. Even the biggest workout fanatics can find their routines disrupted by life. That's what happened to Maegen, who documents her life on the Modern Tulip. Expecting Baby No. 2 while keeping up with a toddler - just the thought of it exhausts us! - led her to indulge her sweet tooth and abandon her former habits. She recently recommitted herself to being healthy and began by breaking out her Belabumbum. What we love about Maegen's story is that she embraces the idea that health and fitness is a journey. She's embracing the joys and changes of pregnancy and working to be the best version of herself possible at the moment. Check out the shots of her in our Active line - the right workout gear is a crucial first step - below and her full story here. #GlowonFitMom ! [caption id='attachment_11484' width='500']Modern Tulip _ Belabumbum _ Active 1 How fab does she look in our Ultra Smooth Nursing Bra and Convertible Capri Pants?[/caption] Modern Tulip _ Belabumbum _ Active 2 Modern Tulip _ Belabumbum _ Active 3

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