Time to Fall Back

Tomorrow is that glorious day of the year when we get to set our clocks back and enjoy an extra hour in the day. If your carefree, child-free days are a not-so-distant memory, that extra hour may not equate to an hour of sleep or an early morning workout. The odds of your baby sleeping through that extra hour are not very good if you didn't start preparing her a week ago. If you did prepare for the time change by gradually increasing her bedtime each night, our hats are off to you. If you did not, this is for you. We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help ease the transition to Daylight Savings Time
  1.  Adjust Sunday’s Nap Schedule: Put your child down for her naps later by ½ hour earlier (via the clock – ie: 8:30am vs. 9:00am) and by the end of the day, your child may be adjusted to her new schedule and be able to have her same 'by the clock' bedtime, even it’s an hour later than normal.
  2. Add Black Out Shades in Baby’s Room: darkening can help in the fall too, since it lessens the odds of early morning sun waking your child before you want him to get up.
  3. Enjoy The Extra Hour With Your Baby: Get out of the house in the morning to keep your child active and offer relaxing activities in the afternoon.
  4. Snuggle up: Take advantage of the extra hour - in the morning or in the evening - and enjoy some quiet time with your little one.

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