Top Knot Mama Shares Her Nursing Essentials

Whether or not to breastfeed is an very important and personal decision every new mom must make. For those women able and willing to nurse, the experience can be both incredibly rewarding and trying at times. Krista Horton of Top Knot Mama recently opened up about the ups and downs she's faced in nursing two babies. It's a great read that all nursing moms can draw inspiration from. Krista reminds us is that whatever works for you and your baby is the 'right way.' There's definitely no one-size-fits-all method to breastfeeding, but a little experimentation and perseverance can go a very long way! Krista also shared some of her top nursing must-haves including our Tallulah Nursing Chemise.
'I am so in love with this nursing nightie! It's so pretty, super comfy and so convenient for nursing!'
Top-knot-mama-nursing-products-belabumbum Other great products on the list include:PunkinWrap All-in-One Baby Solution, Nipple Nurture Balm by Milkies and Milkmakers Lactation Cookie.  

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