Travel Tips While Breastfeeding

Nursing mamas have the benefit of being able to feed their babies any and everywhere! Summer travel season is upon us and we have a few tips - whether you’re traveling with your baby  or without and need to pump to make your breastfeeding experience as smooth as possible.
  1. Invest in a manual hand pump! They are so useful for pumping on the go (think trains, planes and automobiles).
  2. Traveling without your baby and need to pump? No more pumping and dumping - check out a service like MilkStork which will transport your milk back home for you! Many employers even cover the cost if you are traveling for work.
  3. Try not to stress. In a new place or foreign country and worried about breastfeeding in public? Ask if there’s a place for you to nurse and you’ll be surprised at how many places are accommodating.
  4. And if not - keep a nursing cover on hand in your diaper bag. You can also always use a muslin baby blanket, cardigan sweater or pashmina scarf.
  5. Think about your wardrobe and plan accordingly when you are out and about-especially for flights. Wear an easy access tank with a cardigan.
  6. Use an app like Pumpspotting to find places to pump — and if you’re flying you can use Mamava to find lactation stations ahead of your flight to find the nearest one to your gate.
  7. If you’re flying give yourself extra time to get through security if you’re traveling with milk.
  8. And…. if you’re driving plan for extra time to stop to nurse!
  9. Bring pumped milk just in case - it’s always reassuring to have on hand during long flights or drives.
  10. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and nourished. Keep healthy snacks on hand!

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