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Week 30: What The Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy and Newborn magazine features Belabumbum.
Pregnancy undoubtedly causes major changes to your body, most of which can be very tough to deal with. Our friends at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine recently discussed everyone's least favorite topic—stretch marks—with truly touching honesty in a must-read piece. Writer Liz Cannon opens up accepting her post-baby body, stretch marks and all, while looking simply luminous in our Ondine collection We've highlighted a section the piece below: Pregnancy & Newborn_Belabumbum_Ondine_Stretch Marks 'Stretch marks, the unwanted battle scars of carrying a child. Let me say that yes, after my first pregnancy I came to terms with what I had because anything was worth it to get that sweet little pink baby bundle. [But] why did nobody tell me that you can get stretch marks from losing your baby weight? Losing the weight after pregnancy was always something that was this big glorious to-do enrobed in positivity, but not once did I hear someone share that you can still get stretch marks. Yet, there they were and the proof was undeniable. Fast forward a year post pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant again and started back up the belly rituals. My belly grew faster, bigger, and the stretch marks appeared with no consideration for my feelings. While I may be walking away from this second pregnancy with more battle scars, I am finding myself teetering between the pride of growing another life and the hope that they fade fast. Until then I’ll be using all of the belly moisturizers that I can find until this next baby can walk in hopes that it does the trick.'

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